Burnout series: part I

Burnout: we’ve all felt it at one point or another.

Usually we know it by its symptoms.  Maybe you’re normally pretty even-keeled, a roll-with-the-punches kind of person, but during your most burnt-out phase, you found yourself doing and feeling some uncharacteristic things:

  • Having a shorter temper than seems appropriate
  • Breaking down in bouts of crying for “no reason”
  • Feeling more sensitive than normal
  • Feeling like the problems you face are insurmountable
  • Feeling like the tasks on your to-do list will take an enormous amount of energy — energy you just don’t have anymore

Sound familiar?  If so, you’ve experienced burnout (or maybe you’re experiencing it right now).

The challenge most of us face, though, is that we struggle to recognize burnout at its earlier, more innocuous stages — when it’s easier to address — and we generally don’t understand burnout well.

This video talks about burnout in each of its stages, how to identify it, and why it’s such a sneaky, dangerous state to leave unattended.

Take a watch and let me know what you think in comments below! 

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P.P.S Want to read even more about burnout?  Check out the Harvard Business Review article I referenced in this video.

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