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So much change is afoot nowadays, which is often when we need help the most.  Some of us have lost jobs or have had our roles change significantly.  Some of us are utilizing this “great pause” to analyze our careers.  Some of us need help determining what change needs to happen and how to build a path to get there.
Change can be scary, but it is also a GIFT.  This pause allows us to look inward and reemerge with complete alignment — no longer chasing external versions of success and starting to do what’s right and true for YOU.

To help, I’ve built two online courses that are convenient, supportive and get you to loving your work and your life.  

 I’ll see you in class!

Career Goals in 30 Minutes… And a Plan to Achieve Them is a fast-paced, results-oriented FREE course that will help you create — and achieve — career goals that define what success looks like for you.

It will help you remove the barriers to dreaming BIG for yourself, and will set you on a path to loving what you do — at work and in life.

In just 30 minutes, you’ll get:

  • A framework for defining what career success looks like to you — now, at the finish line, and along the way
  • A set of detailed career goals that are free from fear-based roadblocks, worry about how the world might evolve, and other twists and turns along the way
  • A plan to achieve your newly defined career goals so you can finally achieve what success looks like for YOU

This course is FREE — my gift to you during this “great pause.”  

If you have an awesome set of career goals, but need help taking the next step, I’ve built another comprehensive course to help.  Take a look below!

“To state it simply, you are amazing. Your impact and input have given me the confidence to push myself to the next level and I’m so thankful. I will cherish your perspective forever.” -Alena W.

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