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is an executive coaching program that helps high achievers love their work and lives.  Through proven scientific assessments, 1-on-1 coaching and a goal-based approach, we help executives find purpose, meaning and joy in their work and life.

Haven Coaching was started by former Wall Street and Amazon executive Mariel Ilardi.  She serves as CEO and lead coach today.

Mariel is a former executive who led 50+ person teams and managed $1 billion+ portfolios. As a high achiever, Mariel prided herself in making market-changing decisions daily and collecting achievements, including two Ivy League degrees from Harvard and The Wharton School. They were all the “right” milestones externally, and they also fulfilled Mariel internally for many years, until one day… she began to dream about something different.

Mariel’s soul has always had a calling – to serve others through coaching and development.  This shone through in every one of her roles, as much as those roles would allow.  But after many years at Amazon, Mariel realized that the path she was on was diverging from what truly fulfilled her — coaching and development. Her career was checking all the “right” boxes, but was no longer fulfilling internally.  She was stressed, unmotivated, and coming up daily against a wall that kept her from truly loving her work.

In a moment of clarity and after a long process of self discovery, Mariel decided to make the leap to leave Amazon and pursue her soul’s calling full time. Today, Mariel coaches other high-achieving executives to discover their own purpose and find joy in their work and life.

Sometimes change comes from transforming your external situation. But the deepest changes always come from within.

Haven Coaching helps you discover what’s true for you so you can make the changes you need to love what you do.

And yes, Mariel absolutely LOVES what she does today.

“Through example, you demonstrated how to lead authentically, wholly disagree and commit without sacrificing compassion and empathy, and how to test assumptions and always think bigger. Lessons I won’t soon forget as I strive to strengthen my skills and find my voice of influence.” -Lexie H.

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